Module Mounting Structure

Module Mounting Structures to support the Solar PV panels. The structures and structural component manufacturing capacity of solko. We also have an in-house tool room that caters to the requirements of projects with various sectional requirements. These unmatched features have enabled us to service the requirements of various customers, thus establishing us as the market leaders in Solar Module Mounting structures.

Today India faces a major challenge in the Power sector. With the fast depleting reserves of fossil fuel, and our energy needs burgeoning by the day, renewable energy has assumed great significance. With ample access to sunlight for over 300 days a year, Solar power has emerged as a viable energy source and has a huge scope ahead.

Pennar’s Solar Module Mounting business offers our customers some characteristic benefits:

  • Large manufacturing capacity that enables quicker delivery
  • Vast spectrum of sectional dimensions and thickness, due to our in-house tooling facility
  • Reduced overall cost of structure and in turn reduced cost of solar power project
  • Optimization of mounting structure weight by 30%